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Canine Dimensions Delaware home dog training company specializes in behavior
modification, problem solving and obedience training. We train puppies 8 weeks and
older, and adult dogs of any age. We train your dog in your Delaware home.
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Dog Training In Delaware

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Delaware Dog Training

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Dog Obedience Training in Delaware

by Certified Dog Trainers
Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training is recommended by veterinarians, animal
shelters, breeders and even by other dog trainers. We use humane, natural, dog
training methods - no shock collars, no clickers. We come to your home and work with
your dog and your family to custom design a dog training or puppy training program
based on your dog's personality, temperament and drive, using the latest scientific dog
training protocols.
We Train in Your Delaware Home!
Humane, Natural Methods
Any Breed, Size or Age
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Delaware Dog Training

Success Stories
Canine Dimensions is recommended by thousands of happy dogs and owners in
Delaware and nationwide!

Dog Behavior Training in Delaware

Pulling on the leash
Canine Dimensions certified dog trainers are members of both of the nation's top dog
training associations - the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the International Association
of Canine Professionals. We use sound science - not "old school" dominance theory. That
makes Canine Dimensions the perfect choice for dog behavior problems like bad manners,
housebreaking, fear, or aggression. We also have a great in-home puppy training program!
Our certified dog trainers train your dog in your home.
Not Coming When Called
Jumping on People
Excessive Barking

Does Your Dog...

Obey your commands
only when he sees a treat?
Come when called only when
he knows you have food?
Use your house as a bathroom?
Growl, snap or bite?
If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes" - then your dog needs obedience training!
Dart out through open doors?
Jump up on guests?
Nip at family members for attention?
Pull on the leash?
Embarrass you in public?
Our certified in-home dog trainers can train your dog to obey your every command - even
under distraction.
Your dog will come when called, obey your commands, walk by your side on the leash
without pulling, sit politely when visitors arrive, and will stop all nipping, jumping up and
other impolite demands for attention.
Any dog can be trained! Get Started Now!

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Since 1997, Canine Dimensions certified in-home dog trainers have been helping out of
control dogs become polite and well mannered. We train your dog in your home, for fast
results. If you've tried chain store group lessons but your dog still has common dog
behavior problems, you're not alone. There's a limit to what a dog can learn in group dog
training lessons. Canine Dimensions in-home dog trainers give you and your dog one-on-
one attention. You can have the well trained dog you've always wanted, when you work
with the right dog trainers and the right dog training program!